How it Works

It’s never been easier to instantly access evidence-based Therapy Programs right at home.

Pick the appropriate age group, identify your concern, and select the suitable program. After selecting your program, you will be redirected to our scheduling system. Choose a convenient time slot for your online evaluation and proceed to the shopping cart to check out.

If you’re unsure which Therapy Program best suits your needs, schedule a Pre-Evaluation Video Consultation with a specialist for guidance. After your consultation, you’ll receive a 10% off voucher. Use this discount for any program recommended for you on This offer makes your pre-evaluation both insightful and a cost-effective beginning to your personalized therapy journey.


Participate in the scheduled session with the therapist, sharing all the necessary information about your concerns. After the evaluation, your therapist will personalize a therapy plan tailored to your specific needs and schedule a subsequent video consultation to discuss your Customized Therapy Plan once it’s ready.

For the Live Video Evaluation Session, you’ll need a device with a camera and microphone, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer, along with reliable Internet access. (We conduct sessions through ZOOM meetings.)

Within three working days after your evaluation, you’ll receive an email and SMS notification that your assigned therapist has posted your Customized Therapy Program in your CSL – Client Secure Library.

All your documents and Video Consultations are recorded and will be made available in your Client Secure Library for you to review at any time.

After receiving your Program, review it thoroughly and jot down any questions or additional information you’d like to discuss with your therapist during your next Live Video Consultation.

In this session, you’ll review your Program with the specialist, clarify any questions, and receive guidance on how to start the exercises and activities customized for you.

To get the most out of your Program, it’s essential to regularly follow all the activities and exercises proposed, according to the frequency and pace recommended by your therapist.

Your program also includes an additional Video Consultation to be scheduled with your therapist over the initial 90 days. During this third session, your progress will be monitored, and your Program will be adjusted as necessary to ensure your therapy goals are being met. If needed, you can schedule additional Video Consultations with your therapist.

Your Customized Therapy Program will include recommendations for materials you might need, which can often be sourced from your own household items. If there are additional items required, we’ll provide a list with links to Amazon’s online reseller for quick and easy purchasing.

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