How to Develop a Sensory Room Ideal for you child?

Our specialists can offer practical, smart solutions for material selection, a customized layout according to your space, and equipment recommendation, ensuring a sensory experience that grows with your child.

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The Sensory Room Development Plan is tailored for every child’s unique journey.

This service begins with an in-depth online assessment to create a sensory room that’s easy to implement in any designated space in your home, even in your child’s own room.

We provide a customized layout based on your available space, offering guidance on material selection, color schemes, and equipment choices. Our phased approach, from initial evaluation to implementation and review, ensures a personalized and evolving sensory experience.

For children with specific sensory needs, we include therapeutic support, helping you craft a space that supports their individual development.

Join us in creating an imaginative, adaptable, and nurturing environment for your child, right in the comfort of your home. Schedule a chat with our experts for more details and to find out how this plan can be a transformative element in your child’s development.

Key features of a sensory room typically include:


Adjustable and calming lighting to create different atmospheres.


Various textures on surfaces, such as soft fabrics, smooth surfaces, or textured materials to engage the sense of touch.


Thoughtfully chosen colors to create a soothing or stimulating environment based on the child's needs.


A range of sounds or quiet background music to cater to auditory stimulation.

Sensory Equipment

Specialized equipment like swings, balance boards, tactile walls, or vibrating cushions to provide different sensory experiences.


The use of scents or aromas to add another layer of sensory input.


Safety is a crucial consideration in sensory rooms, with padded surfaces and secure fixtures to prevent accidents.

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